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Maskani Conversations: Let's talk #BudgetEstimates for Nairobi County - 13th May 2017

  • Written by  Maskani Ya Taifa

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Let's talk #BudgetEstimates for Nairobi County this coming Saturday at the Kenya Puppet Theatre - Kilimani.

The Tweetup event will be graced by Wolde Wesa from the National Taxpayers Association. The organisation recently released the Nairobi County Budget 2017/18 analysis report. Here are some highlights of the report:

The County’s total projected revenue is Kshs 39.914 billion compared to Kshs 34.556 billion in 2017/18.

  • The total resource envelope for the county grew by 3.9% in 2017/18; with locally raised revenue accounting for 56.2% while conditional and non-conditional grants from the national government accounting for 43.8% of the total revenue
  • The total expenditure outlay for FY 2017/18 is Kshs 35.91 billion. This represents a 3.8% growth in 2017/18 compared to 2016/17’s Kshs 34.6 billion
  • 66.5 % of the 2016/17 budget will be spent on meeting the county’s recurrent needs that include personnel costs, use of goods and services, debt resolution among others while the remaining 33.5% will be for development expenditure.
  • Just like in 2016/17, the county’s leading three beneficiaries of the budget are Health, Public works, Transport and Infrastructure and Office of the governor & Deputy Governor (the three departments account for 52.4% of the total budget).
  • The county has a stock of debt worth Kshs 48.97 billion as at 30th June, 2016. This represents 3 billion increase from the debt position as at December 2015. The County’s debt increase is attributed to accrual of interest, penalties and low allocation towards debt servicing.
  • The county government should put in place facilitative budgetary and policy interventions that will accelerate growth of the Jua Kali sector as a way of increasing informal employment. This will have a ripple effect of reducing the current poverty rate that stands at 22.5 per cent]
  • The county through its CFSP 2016, proposes the setting aside of Kshs. 90 million towards emergency fund as required by the PFMA 2012 but despite this allocation rising by 12.5%, the allocation of the same amount for emergency this amount falls way below the required 2 per cent of the county’s annual total revenue. Given the county’s total annual revenue of Kshs. 35.91 billion, the county should by laws, set aside Kshs.718.2 million towards Emergency fund.
  • Details of the status of the county’s pending bills amounting to Kshs. 1.2 billion that has been outstanding since 2015/16 is lacking in the 2017/18 budget
  • An analysis of the budget reveals that the sectors/departments ceilings recorded a shift both downwards and upwards across different sectors. However, majority of the sectors received a downward cut on their ceilings compared to 2016/17. Despite the visible shifts across the sectors, no justification or rationale is given for the variations in the sector ceilings.

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