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#RedCardKE Campaign

The #RedCard Campaign seeks to bar citizens that fall short the ethical standard of integrity from assuming elective or appointive office. The new spirit of active citizenship across all levels of society and government must be catalysed to enforce existing robust laws and institutions and roll back the future abuse of public office and theft of public resources. The #RedCard Campaign has three objectives for the next 90 days. They are 1.) Public education against corruption and abuse of office 2.) De-campaign aspirants who fall short of the ethical threshold of Chapter 6, and 3.) Institute legal proceedings for the removal of those who win the elections despite their demonstrated unethical behaviour.

Who are the National Integrity Alliance (NIA)?

The National Integrity Alliance (NIA) is a citizen-centred integrity and anti-corruption coalition comprising the Society for International Development, Transparency International-Kenya, Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! and Mzalendo Trust. NIA seeks to breathe life into the constitutional promise on Integrity by catalysing frontline ethics and anti-corruption institutions and active citizens to Detect, Deter, Disrupt and Defeat corruption at all levels of society.

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