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Ni Sisi!

Ni Sisi!

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#RedCardKE Campaign

The #RedCard Campaign seeks to bar citizens that fall short the ethical standard of integrity from assuming elective or appointive office. The new spirit of active citizenship across all levels of society and government must be catalysed to enforce existing robust laws and institutions and roll back the future abuse of public office and theft of public resources. The #RedCard Campaign has three objectives for the next 90 days. They are 1.) Public education against corruption and abuse of office 2.) De-campaign aspirants who fall short of the ethical threshold of Chapter 6, and 3.) Institute legal proceedings for the removal of those who win the elections despite their demonstrated unethical behaviour.

Who are the National Integrity Alliance (NIA)?

The National Integrity Alliance (NIA) is a citizen-centred integrity and anti-corruption coalition comprising the Society for International Development, Transparency International-Kenya, Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! and Mzalendo Trust. NIA seeks to breathe life into the constitutional promise on Integrity by catalysing frontline ethics and anti-corruption institutions and active citizens to Detect, Deter, Disrupt and Defeat corruption at all levels of society.

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Haki Madini Kenya

Haki Madini Kenya (HMK) is a community centered coalition that brings together communities in and around mining areas, civil society organizations, faith based organizations and individuals engaging in the extractive industry with the primary aim of promoting responsible stewardship of extractive resources.

Haki Madini Kenya's vision is to see a country where extractive resources are exploited in a sustainable way for the benefit of all. Their mission is to effectively promote community participation, multi-stakeholder engagement and responsible stewardship in the extractive sector in Kenya.

Core Values

HMK engagement will be premised on the following core values;

  • Solidarity with mining communities
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Non-discrimination
  • Mutual respect
  • Collective responsibility


The objectives of the coalition as highlighted within the strategic plan are;

  1. To influence policy, legal and institutional framework development and implementation to ensure that community interests are secured
  2. To create a critical mass of informed and organized local communities (women, men, youth) engaging meaningfully in and benefitting from the extractive sector
  3. To demand corporate accountability and responsibility by the investing company in the extractive sector
  4. To engender the extractive sector in Kenya through women socio-economic empowerment and safeguarding of women’s rights
  5. To create a credible, strong and knowledge-driven network capable of responding to emerging issues in the extractive sector

Glory Value School

Formerly Butere High School, Glory Value School is situated in western Kenya. Here, there are no school prefects or rules to govern the students. Running of daily school affairs is done purely on a values-based system, making it very different from other schools. The current Director and proprietor Mrs. Priscilla Were took over the school in 2011, a time when the performance averaged at a mean grade of 2.1.

In 2014, Glory Value School hit the 7.4 mark and attribute this success to the value system. The school is doing something different, something unique and new in Kenya and are excelling at it. They believe they will continue to excel because of these values.

The goal of Glory Value School is to share knowledge, understanding, intelligence, and their thoughts. They want Kenya to become a great nation with a set of values that govern our systems and direct our actions. Glory Value School also wants to save Kenyan society from the rot and negativity through the young ones that go through this school. 






For three generations, aspirations of a peace loving, enterprising hard working people have been thwarted by a rapacious, myopic national elite that does not care about tomorrow. For two decades we fought for a new constitutional order believing that it would deepen democracy and integrity in public life, but the first thing the political class did was to trample on the integrity provisions (Chapter 6) of the constitution. The country is more ethnically polarized than ever, corruption has spun of control, security has collapsed and we are borrowing and spending like drunken sailors.

We are at a turning point, but will we turn?

We are at a potential turning point.  We can change our political culture and propel Kenyan into a peaceful prosperous future.  But we have reached turning points before, and refused to turn. Back in 1992, opposition and civil society coalition united to restore multiparty. Myopic opposition leaders succumbed to greed for power, corruption and tribalism - and snatched defeat from jaws of victory.

In 2007, the Opposition united to remove KANU from power, but quickly succumbed to tribalism and corruption that propelled the country to the 2007 post election violence.
We can choose to change, or choose to continue to wallow in tribalism, corruption and mediocrity– Haiti has been at it for 200 years, and so can we.

The Kesho Initiative realises that we are going nowhere unless we have HONEST leaders who think about tomorrow.  

Our mission

  • To mobilize progressive Kenyans into a movement to change our political culture
  • To promote an alternative vision of a DECENT society, one which values and respects everyone and rewards honest hard work
  • To educate and challenge Kenyans to abandon tribalism and corruption (“our turn to eat culture”)

How we are doing this

The Online Platform -
The Elephant is a platform for engaging citizens to reflect, re-member and re-envision their society by interrogating the past, the present, to fashion a future. Through this online platform, the initiative hopes to mobilize progressive business, intellectual and civil society leaders into an alternative national leadership movement via a platform that reimagines Kenya in the dynamic African and global context.

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Maskani Radio

Maskani Radio Drama was a radio series capturing the everyday life of a Kenyan “Hustler” bringing out pertinent issues that affect the ordinary Kenyan. It revolved around a bus terminus at a shopping center somewhere in Kenya. It had a few shops and many idle young people who are involved in some income generating activities sometimes, or none, most of the time. The Ward Rep was a strong influencer in this setting and was well known locally. Citizens visited the Kinyozi often to hold serious discussions or make tough decisions.

The shows aired every Wednesday 7pm and the talk show every Sunday 7pm on Radio Rahma – Coast,Ghetto Radio – Nairobi,Hero FM – Nakuru,Radio Lake Victoria, Mbaitu FM,Star FM

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